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Daily news has been abuzz with reports of most businesses laying off employees while cutting down on salaries and perks at all levels. The UN had estimated in March 2020 that 25 million jobs would be lost the world over. The think tank 'The Economic Policy institute' had predicted that by summer, three million people could lose their jobs in the USA alone. Since then, the world has become used to the pandemic and its effects on all sectors, including the hiring sector. Now job seekers, as well as employers, are starting to see the silver lining. To call a spade a spade, the job market has become brutally tough for the seeker. This has created nightmares for the HR guys due to the overwhelming inquiries and floods of applications for vacant jobs. Let us see how job seekers are being affected by the global hiring situation: i. There are only negligent vacancies in middle-level positions with many positions getting redundant or sized down at par with an immediately lower position. This has seriously affected people of a certain level of experience in finding employment suiting their resume. ii. Beginner level jobs have seen a sea of openings in the delivery and logistics segment. A very common example is the sales operations post Covid-19 in supermarkets. The strict social distancing and safety guidelines have encouraged store owners to promote home delivery, which, in turn, has created a demand for the delivery personnel. iii. The IT, media, and BPO segments have found it easier to manage their employees who are working from home than to maintain a huge office infrastructure. The initial nuances are gone, and both employers and employees have become used to the new norms. It is amusing to note that certain sectors have announced an increase in their workforce due to the current global situation. E-commerce operators have started hiring people to work from home on fixed salaries to follow up on deliveries. Some other profiles which are already in high demand are detailed below: • Grocery Associate • Manufacturing Operator • Crisis Counsellor • Freelancer • Stocking Associate • Warehouse Worker • Data Specialist • Communications Consultant • Communications Specialist • Delivery Driver Future of the job market The world economies are slowly opening up, and the career/job sector is getting accustomed to the new realities. This scenario has made it easy for the job seeker who has adapted well to the job market to get settled in a new position. September 01, 2020


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